Purchasing Multi-Units for
Cash Flow and Improvement

Collaborate to Find Your Deals!

We are a group investors interested in multi-unit deals in the Berkeley and Oakland, CA areas. The group is open to Brokers, Agents, and individual investors who want to become educated about and to network to purchase and sell investment real estate in this area.

Benefits of Membership:


Typical Discussion Topics - Recent group discussions have included:

  • the current REO market
  • the prospects of new opportunities due to refinance failure and other economic stresses
  • focus on individual Berkeley and Oakland properties

Custom News Searches:

  • Multi-Unit News for Berkeley, CA area and beyond
  • REO (bank-owned real estate) News
  • News on Tax Savings and Real Estate Ownership
  • News on Loans
  • Other News related to Buying Income Property
  • Build Your Own

Investment Strategy Tips:

  • Teaming up with family and friends to purchase multi-units
  • The importance of ownership, even condo or TIC, for tax savings
  • The benefits of networking with other investors and brokers

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