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Let Sage Property Solutions Find the Right Multi-Unit Property For You

The choice of a Real Estate Agent may be the most important single decision in your rental property career. You’ve proven yourself in other fields and now it’s time to put some money into real estate. We understand. Kent Mitchell, Principal Broker of Sage Property Solutions, has successfully purchased, managed, improving and selling multi-unit real estate in Berkeley and Oakland for over twelve years.


Two Recessions and Counting

We’ve owned and managed fourteen buildings over the past twelve years and every one has seen increased rents every single year. That’s through the 2002 and 2008 recessions. Proper purchase of these properties made much of the difference. A manager’s job is much easier when the owner purchases a building at the right time, in the right place, and, of course, at the right price. Since the Buyer’s Agent fees are paid by the seller (and thus no cost to you as the Buyer), the important thing is to find the right real estate Agent to help you make the best purchase

Take advantage of our initial free consultation before buying or selling your multi-unit property!


We Own Multi-Unit Real Estate!

As an income property owner, how many Realtors have you talked to who have never owned income property themselves. If they’re so smart, why don’t they step up to the plate and own some rental property? We do. Kent Mitchell, Principal Broker at Sage Property Solutions, has owned buildings throughout Berkeley and Oakland for the past twelve years. And not only owned, but successfully purchased, managed, improved and sold. So consider working with an Agent who can demonstrate his success working for himself as well as for clients. It’s only fair to ask a prospective Real Estate Broker, “Have you been successful with the kinds of real estate investment you suggest I purchase?”

Choose a Real Estate Agent who owns multiple properties like those you are considering purchasing.


Please Have a Free Consult

Yes, we are not the only ones who offer a free consultation. Why? Because a big part of our job as Realtors, Brokers and Real Estate Agents is reaching out to our community as helpfully as possible. An agent who offers a lot of help up front will probably offer a lot of help during the transaction process as well. We go to bat for you, representing you to cooperating Brokers, Agents and Realtors every day. We had better be high energy, responsive, intelligent and insightful about every aspect of the purchase and sale process, knowledgeable about the particular geographic area of the transaction, and able to address buyer and seller issues such as short sale, foreclosure, auction sale and bank-owned real estate. It’s a complicated market out there and the only way to succeed is to work with an agent who fully understands the particular sub-market and property type of your transaction. So, yes, of course the full consultation is free: that is the only way for you to make an educated choice of real estate agent.

Meet with us to discuss you prospective income property purchase in Berkeley or Oakland.

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