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Welcome to the Berkeley Investors Group News page created by Kent Mitchell of Sage Property Solutions. These customized searches have been created through an iterative process of results-testing on Google Advanced News Search. Each search has a particular type of news as its goal, and has been crafted to weed out as much extraneous information as possible. For example, the REO search has been set up to restrict or eliminate results for the band REO Speedwagon. What we are looking for in our REO news search is current news on the bank-owned real estate market.

Feel free to come back to this page as often as you like and click on these searches. We appreciate your feedback on their usefulness.


Multi-Unit News for Berkeley, CA area and beyond

REO (bank-owned real estate) News

News on Tax Savings and Real Estate Ownership

News on Loans

Other News related to Buying Income Property


1. Go to Google
2. Click on News
3. Click on Advanced News Search
4. Fill in the "Find Results" categories as follows:
a. For the section entitled "with all of the words" fill in two or three key words
b. For the section entitled "with at least one of the words" fill in several more relevant words

You will find these advanced searches are more an art than an science. As you experiment with different words in these two criteria boxes, your search will become more or less accurate.

Finally, to have the results of any of our searches (or yours) automatically emailed to you each day, just click on "Create an email alert for...[your search] at the bottom of the Google News search results page.

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