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Secure Your Cash Flow with
Top Quality Management

Let Sage Property Solutions Improve, Manage and Lease Your Rental Real Estate to Long-Term Success

Manage your real estate to long-term success. Improvements that matter cost less and add to your bottom line immediately. Management that counts assures immediate contact when tenants have questions, and annual increases to the bottom line. Successful leasing is a leasing team that makes personal contact with each prospect, highlights the strengths of the property, and locates residents who even appreciate the limitations of your property.


Cosmetic Improvements

Those little improvements matter a lot. Such as refinishing an existing hardwood or softwood floor, adding stylish and inexpensive Ikea lighting, adding accent utility items including pot racks to classic kitchens rather than replacing the whole kitchen. Many tenants actually appreciate the old-style kitchens.

Cosmetic improvements allow for top-of-market rental rate increases every year. These cost-effective improvements highlight the best qualities of a property without rebuilding it. For example, a 1920s apartment building is best served by highlighting the classic interior details such as high ceilings, built-ins and hardwoods, not by expensive replacement of kitchens, windows, heating and electrical services.

Have us make improvements for you that really count!


The moment that you rent a property to a resident is the most important moment in the day-to-day life of your property. You’ve purchased, financed and even made strategic improvements to your real estate, but what do you get for any of this until you rent your property to the resident who will actually use your property? This person is your customer and constitutes the entire cash flow of your business. That is why the moment of leasing your property is almost as important as the moment of purchasing that same real estate.

As your manager, we put our focus first and foremost on the leasing relationship. If that relationship starts off on the right foot, you may have years of good tenant relations ahead. By marketing your property in a way that highlights its strengths, you attract residents who will be truly happy with the rental choice they have made. We mentioned earlier that it’s best to make cosmetic improvements that highlight the strengths and good qualities of your building, rather than perform expensive remodels to make your building into a different type of structure. This is simple logic: if you had wanted a different type of rental unit you would have purchased that instead. Residents think the same way. They are your partners in choosing this rental unit. In fact, they will spend a lot more time in it than you do or even we do, of course. So in marketing the property, we highlight its strengths, thus marketing to residents who will appreciate the property for what it is, not for what it could be.

Example: the Berkeley and Oakland area is filled with buildings with classic 1920’s architecture. This tail-end of the Victorian period and the Roaring Twenties in America saw a great construction boom (sound familiar?). Those apartment units, with their high ceilings, built-in cabinets and hardwood or softwood flooring, are appealing to many renters, even though their heating, kitchens, and electrical services are limited. We rent these buildings to qualifying residents who appreciate them!

Have us lease your units at top-of-market rents to qualified residents who truly appreciate your apartment!


We are also experts in strategic capitalization of rental real estate. This includes pre-positioning property for sale through efforts such as seismic upgrade, exterior painting, and city entitlements such as subdivision into smaller, more valuable units. Capitalization also includes refinance to pull a significant portion of your invested capital back out of the building with no current tax payment required. That’s right, when you refinance and pull half or all of your invested capital out of a building, no taxes are due on that money that year or any year until you sell the building. Please confirm all tax matters with your tax advisor as we cannot provide taxation advice (We can refer you to a good real estate tax advisor though!)

Effective capitalization of your real estate is the other big thing (besides purchase and leasing) that you have to do right. If you capitalize your property well, it will serve you in stabilizing your cash flows and giving you unprecedented access to capital (yes, even now, post-economic meltdown). Multi-unit residential real estate is the shining star of real estate investment and has not suffered the withdrawal of lending funds that other sectors have suffered. Why? Because multi-unit residential real estate, when purchased, managed and capitalized well, is a stable, high cash-flow business. And that is what banks like. What’s not to like?

Contact expert California Real Estate Broker, Kent Mitchell, owner of Sage Property Solutions, for a no-cost initial consultation on how to earn a better and more secure return on your real estate investment.

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